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Maglev door-HH130

HH130,with special Japanese design,whose hangers can pass the motor,is the better choice for narrow door room.
All the compatible accessories have been showde on“ACCESSORY"SHEET

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   Technicat data:

Max door weight(single):1*130kgs

Max door weight(double):2*120kgs

Door leaf width:600-1500mm

Opening speed:150-550mm/s(Adjustable)

Closing speed:150-550mm/s(Adjustable)

Motor details:24V 80W  2300rpm brushless DC motor

Holding time:0-60seconds(Adjustable)

Voltage:AC90-240V  50Hz-60Hz

Operating Temperature:-10℃~70℃

Cross section details

Maglev door-HH130

  Function details:

  Working modle

Fire alarm terminal
Always open
Access keypad terminal
Partial open
Inter lock function
Full lock
LED display
One way
Electronic lock
Error message
OEM service
Anti-clamp function
CE certification

●:standard function     ○:optional function      ―:no function


Maglev door-HH130

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