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Maglev door-MG100

Maglev door with characteristics of low noise, low rebound force in case of resistance and low manual
opening force.suitable for home automatic door, hermetic door ,Disabled Autodoor and so on.

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   Technical datas

Low Voltage Type(20Kg-80Kg)

Input voltage:AC 90-240V 50/60Hz

Input current:AC 1A

Protection current:10A

Opening/closing speed:200-500mm/s

Keep opening time:1-10S

Standby power consumption:5W

Max operating power consumption:60W

Protection grade:IP20

Working temperature:0-40℃

Operating noise:MAX55dB

Max door weight :100kgs

Cross section details

Maglev door-MG100


Maglev door-MG100


Maglev door-MG100

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