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Telescopic sliding door


Technical datas:

  Max door weight(single)       2*150kgs 
  Max door weight(double): 
  Door leaf width


  Opening speed
  Closing speed: 
  100~550mm/s (Adjustable
  Motor details: 
  24V 100W 2300rpm brushless DC motor
  Holding time:
  0-20second (Adjustable
  AC90V-250V 50Hz-60Hz  
  Operating Temperature

Components :

Telescopic sliding door

Cross section details:

Telescopic sliding door

Technical features:

-Telescopic sliding door is good solution for 2 different situations.One is narrow entrances with wide opening space,another is big door entrance.

-It can be installed if there is a space just a half of whole door's width because there can be installed two-sliding doors in one door space.

-Two doors are designed at 2 to 1 speed at the same time. It helps to do better operation and time savings

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