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Aelios currently only runs on iOS 5.x and 4.3, learn more.

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# 1 Top Weather in 13 countries

“An impressive weather app. Aelios makes the act of finding the weather report interactive and fun. Is it gloriously designed and implemented? You bet.”
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“Aelios is a new way to get the weather on your iPad. It is beautifully rendered.”

Feature Highlights

Weather Poster

Weather Poster

Easy to read daily or
weekly weather

Finely crafted 24-hour virtual watch

Finely crafted 24-hour virtual watch

Showing midnight at the top and noon at the bottom. Featuring day and nighttime indicators.

Smart Location Selector

Smart Location Selector

Instantly locks onto the
most highly populated

Rotational Mode Dial

Rotational Mode Dial

Turn the ring to switch modes
between "next 24 hours"
and "next 7 days".



Choose your forecast
providers in order
of preference.


Favorites System

Simply frame and snapshot your favorite locations on the map to create your preferred Weather Posters.

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  • New Favorites System.
  • New AccuWeather forecasts.
  • New Multi-provider system lets you choose your providers in order of preference.
  • New Quickly switch providers in weather poster view.
  • New News section in info pane.
  • Weather forecasts for any place on earth!
  • Finely crafted 24-hour virtual watch.
  • Day and Nighttime indicators.
  • Explore the world quickly by simply moving and pinching Google maps.
  • Real-Time Smart Location Selector: Instantly locks onto the most highly populated location.
  • One-touch Weather using your geo-location.
  • Powerful location search thanks to Google: Find any location by typing its name, (even approximately). For instance: "nyc" for New York City or "everest" for Mount Everest.
  • Weather Poster: Easy-to-read daily or weekly weather forecasts.
  • Weather data including temperature, precipitation level, wind direction and speed.
  • Forecasts for the next 24 hours, with details every 3 hours.
  • Forecasts for the next 7 days.
  • Units: metric or imperial.
  • Supports both Portrait and Landscape mode.
  • Weather forecasts provided by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and AccuWeather.

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